About Us

A Simple Cookis is a Mother's, home-based country kitchen located in Vail, Arizona. Not quite between the tracks, but close enough to hear the whistles.

Well over four years ago, A Simple Cookie was quietly born when I, Laurie, or otherwise known as Mother, started selling homemade cookies alongside my Dad at the Tanque Verde Antique Fair, a once-a-month event located close to the foothills here in Tucson, Arizona.  Dad restores and sells antique clocks ( Bob’s Clocks) all the while encouraging me relentlessly; not only to start the little sideline but to continue this little cookie venture. These first offerings included just oatmeal raisin and a few chocolate chip cookies. I soon started selling out, amazing to me! and developed a following of wonderfully loyal customers that came back for more each month.

Haley, otherwise known as Daughter, joined me in the summer of 2016, in between her masters' studies and work. Not sure willingly, but so nice to have her along for the ride (her pun, intended). It thus truly became a family venture, and A Simple Cookie was official. (Both of her brothers have roles as well, although, I’m not entirely sure they realize that fact.)

Besides needing to create some additional income with this little cookie business, Haley and I both wanted a way to share our experience in this foray into the world of farmers’ markets and the craziness of starting a small business.  We also wanted to include a platform that would encourage discussions about how this ever-changing world impacts us; both of us from two very different generations. That’s where our Stop and Chat With Us blog begins.

Now, in the great year of 2020, probably soon to be known as the Year of Covid-19, Haley has moved on to some bigger ventures in her life.  She's young, ambitious and needs time to navigate with her family.  Go Haley!  We'll watch her from afar...

At the same time, the company and I will continue with the same drive and ambition, plus maybe more (not sure which).  I have big plans, and yes, hopes and dreams that will include a food truck/trailer, a brick-and-mortar coffee shop (Stop and Chat With Us), and even philanthropic avenues for the desire to spread some good in this complicated, sometimes, mixed-up world. I know the company will get there. I hope too, that perhaps you’ll join in some of that discussion and the coming adventures, or at least allow yourself a little time to enjoy a beverage and a simple cookie, or two.

Haley and Laurie (Mom) at one of our first markets, St. Philips Plaza., Tucson, Arizona
Haley and Laurie (Mom) at one of our first markets, St. Philips Plaza, Tucson, Arizona

Laurie, A Simple Cookie Mom

I grew up the daughter of a career US Air Force officer and had the privilege of living all over this country. Even after getting married, and still moving around fairly regularly, we all finally settled down in Southlake, Texas. Of course, the kids all graduated and then took off for college - and life happens!  I packed up and came to Tucson.

I've always loved to bake, but definitely never thought of it as a profession. It has been something that I love to do for other people; my family, friends, and now with A Simple Cookie, sometimes total strangers!  It is a passion and something that helps me sort through life's little challenges.

An early Tanque Verde Antique Fair with Bob's Clocks and Granddog, Dublin, along for company.
An early Tanque Verde Antique Fair with Bob's Clocks and Granddog, Dublin