How to Make Every Week Productive.

Set goals that make you jump out of bed in the morning!

Over the past few years, I’ve been working on balancing work, life, and side-hustles. I’ve tried different strategies on keeping up my motivation throughout the week to be productive. Before I only had to juggle school and work, which wasn’t as difficult since I was single and cat-less. But now that I am married with…

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Local Shoutout: Rincon Market.

Rincon Market in Tucson, Arizona

In our Local Shoutout series, we showcase one local business every month in the Tucson area. Our goal is to help support the local small businesses in our city. For our first Local Shoutout, we want to put some more limelight on Rincon Market.  Their location They are located on the corner of Tucson and 6th…

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Authenticity is Everything

There is one thing about our business that we stick to, regardless of the circumstances, which is our authenticity.  We want everything from the taste of our cookies to the photos on our social media accounts to be true to what we really are.  The longer we are in this business, the more I find…

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A Post-Student's Perspective on Student Loans.

I’ve been listening to a new podcast, Borrowed Future. It’s a podcast by the Dave Ramsey network and it’s about the U.S. student loan debt crisis, and whether or not college is even worth it. Having attended a four-year undergraduate university, and completing my masters all with student loans, this podcast has brought up a…

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