Covid19 – Are we done yet?

Picture of bench on a flagstone walkway

It’s kind of hard to believe that we’ve been dealing with Covid19 now for well over six months.  It’s also strange to think about how we took for granted going to the grocery store, concerts, or sporting events, much less work without all of the current precautions.  We’ve somewhat survived quarantine by staying home (well,…

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What can Covid-19 do for the U.S. Public Education System?

What can Covid-19 do for our U.S. Public Education System? A stupid question you might say. Yet, in my opinion, the shortfalls that we have witnessed for years, and now highlighted even more so with this pandemic, will have rattled this country so badly that finally, we will have the stomach for serious and fundamental…

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Getting Back in the Saddle Under Covid-19

Photo of Medella Vina Ranch Sign

Yes, I had to get back in the saddle again, and pony up to the fact that if we’re going to stay in business, we kind of need to sell something. After nearly two months, we had our first (little) market yesterday, Sunday, May 17th! We’ve stayed pretty low during these couple of months for…

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Arizona Restaurants Re-Open under Covid-19 Guidance

Picture of Covid-19 virus

Per Governor Ducey’s May 4, 2020 Covid-19 News conference, dine-in restaurants can re-open on Monday, May 11th while following particular guidelines and restrictions. (See below for updated Pima County Supervisors rules regarding outdoor dining as of 5/13/20.*) While we at A Simple Cookie operate only through our online store, farmers’ markets (very limited at this…

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Future Coffee Shop – It’s about time!

Photo of the inside of "Friends" Central Perk Coffee shop

Haley and I talked just recently that planning for our future coffee shop / cookie bakeshop needs to be revived. It will never become a reality if we fail to plan. Plus, the real-time aspect will actually put the dream on paper and cement our needs and wants. Nothing like black and white numbers to…

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Future Employees? Absolutely – and could you be one?

After another wild week at our “primary” jobs, Haley and I started talking about what we would expect, and not tolerate! in our future employees and how they might make the grade for A Simple Cookie – whether our cookie food “truck” or our brick-and-mortar coffee shop. Her blog post, Expectations for Future Employees, starts…

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Mom's take: Proper Etiquette of a Host and being Hosted?

It’s interesting when you read an article, blog post, twitter comment, or even listen to an audio report and what you’re expecting to hear is not anywhere near the subject matter that you thought was described in the title. While Haley’s blog post, Proper Etiquette of a Host and being Hosted?, does start with the…

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Mom's Review: What Clients Love, by Harry Beckwith

The title of Harry Beckwith‘s What Clients Love intrigued me for any number of reasons; there must be some magic revealed within and it’s supposed to be a ‘field guide’ to growing a business. Perfect! A guide is normally easy to read, or written in layman terms, and should include down-to-earth facts and instructions. All…

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Ready, Set, Off to Market!

It’s all in the life of a small cookie business; plan, plan, plan, bake, and bake some more and finally, off to the market. All of this along with packaging and traveling (early birds catch the worms) can pay off. Weekly markets can really be a ton of work, and no different than selling at…

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