Getting Back in the Saddle Under Covid-19

Photo of Medella Vina Ranch Sign

Yes, I had to get back in the saddle again, and pony up to the fact that if we’re going to stay in business, we kind of need to sell something. After nearly two months, we had our first (little) market yesterday, Sunday, May 17th! We’ve stayed pretty low during these couple of months for…

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Arizona Restaurants Re-Open under Covid-19 Guidance

Picture of Covid-19 virus

Per Governor Ducey’s May 4, 2020 Covid-19 News conference, dine-in restaurants can re-open on Monday, May 11th while following particular guidelines and restrictions. (See below for updated Pima County Supervisors rules regarding outdoor dining as of 5/13/20.*) While we at A Simple Cookie operate only through our online store, farmers’ markets (very limited at this…

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Preliminary Coffee Equipment Supply List

We are ready to get real about opening our shop. In order to do that, we need to be realistic about the scope of a shop we can afford, and that includes the interior as well as the shop itself. As Mom wrote about in her blog, Future Coffee Shop- It’s about time! Over the…

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Why Join a Chamber of Commerce?

logo for U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Recently we have let our membership in our local chamber of commerce lapse. It was completely by accident. We got busy trying to get our business off the ground and spent most of our money, energy and time on our own business. However, over the past couple of weeks, the Director of Business Development for…

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Future Coffee Shop – It’s about time!

Photo of the inside of "Friends" Central Perk Coffee shop

Haley and I talked just recently that planning for our future coffee shop / cookie bakeshop needs to be revived. It will never become a reality if we fail to plan. Plus, the real-time aspect will actually put the dream on paper and cement our needs and wants. Nothing like black and white numbers to…

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Local Shoutout: Rincon Market.

Rincon Market in Tucson, Arizona

In our Local Shoutout series, we showcase one local business every month in the Tucson area. Our goal is to help support the local small businesses in our city. For our first Local Shoutout, we want to put some more limelight on Rincon Market.  Their location They are located on the corner of Tucson and 6th…

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Authenticity is Everything

There is one thing about our business that we stick to, regardless of the circumstances, which is our authenticity.  We want everything from the taste of our cookies to the photos on our social media accounts to be true to what we really are.  The longer we are in this business, the more I find…

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Future Employees? Absolutely – and could you be one?

After another wild week at our “primary” jobs, Haley and I started talking about what we would expect, and not tolerate! in our future employees and how they might make the grade for A Simple Cookie – whether our cookie food “truck” or our brick-and-mortar coffee shop. Her blog post, Expectations for Future Employees, starts…

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Happy Labor Day- no we don’t have a sale. 

Usually, when someone wishes you a “Happy Labor Day!” images of parades clad in Red, White, and Blue, mass barbeques, and vacation time come to mind. Unfortunately though, a majority of people will think about the sales they are going to find on Labor Day Weekend because every local or national business has undoubtedly advertised…

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