Future Coffee Shop – It’s about time!

Haley and I talked just recently that planning for our future coffee shop / cookie bakeshop needs to be revived. It will never become a reality if we fail to plan. Plus, the real-time aspect will actually put the dream on paper and cement our needs and wants. Nothing like black and white numbers to put something into perspective; what will it really take to put the plan in place for our future coffee shop? and how long do we need to get there?

Begin with the end in mind.

Stephen Covey

In that case, my future blog posts are going to detail the actual research and numbers. From brick and mortar location search, market research on coffee shops! and of course, equipment, licensing and furnishings. So many things to take into account do make it seem a bit overwhelming. But by taking just one step, that step will be one action taken toward the dream.

Our idea is pretty simple; a location and atmosphere that allows for conversation. Haley visited a coffee shop in Washington, D.C., and fell in love with the fact that there was a designated area just for “no tech” devices. Just old-fashioned face-time. (It seems odd to have a “coffee with friends” date when all the friends just have their phones/laptops turned on.) Of course, there will still be plenty of room for the “tech” devices that we cannot live without.

The coffee aspect will be part of Haley’s research; she being the true lover of coffee that I am not. We will definitely have to have tea as well; while I am not a fan of flavored teas, I have found some favs that don’t necessarily hail just from the likes of Lipton. Overall, our menu will include coffee, tea and plenty of snacks – both regular mainstays as well as fun seasonal items. Ideally, it will be one that isn’t overwhelming or complicated, yet completely satisfying.

Additionally, Haley’s husband will hopefully lend his design expertise to bring our interior and furnishings to life. I know that Haley tends to like more of a contemporary style while I love a crazy cross between country-french and east-coast Americana. We’ll see how that fares in this Tucson, Arizona – desert southwest town!

On my end, part of the research will center around the baking equipment, licensing and store locations. When we both decide on the interior design, then we’ll be able to decide on the little things like coffee mugs and dishes. Those are the little things that will really put our signature on the shop.

Any comments and suggestions will always be welcome here and will more than likely help make our planning and research complete.

Looking forward to research and where we will end up! Talk with you soon…