Future Employees? Absolutely – and could you be one?

After another wild week at our “primary” jobs, Haley and I started talking about what we would expect, and not tolerate! in our future employees and how they might make the grade for A Simple Cookie – whether our cookie food “truck” or our brick-and-mortar coffee shop. Her blog post, Expectations for Future Employees, starts a great conversation and has some good points on this topic; namely the importance of communication and support.

I do agree that communication is crucial for any number of reasons. We must be able to communicate our expectations for an employee in an interview. Later, we must be able to communicate with our staff if there is a problem. How do we preserve a good working environment and relationships but achieve our business goals and staff expectations at the same time?

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Secondly, Haley talks about support. I do agree that we need to not only communicate but truly listen and remember that our staff needs and deserves continual training on a variety of topics. After all, we would like for staff members to be excited about our company and obviously, transmit that passion on a daily basis! We should also expect that employees grasp the idea of education as not just for the company, but for their individual growth as well, thus empowering them to evolve into well-rounded individuals and staff members combined.

14 Simple Expectations Great Employees have of their Boss

Bernard Moss

Therefore, if staff or employees feel valued, they will generally perform at a different level than when they feel as though they are just there to do “a job”. Whether good reviews or problems, staff should feel comfortable communicating their concerns. They should know that an issue will have a direct impact on the business, and ultimately their job and personal investment as well. Businesses that truly excel, have put in place methods and policies, and even personal rewards, that clearly remind everyone of the impact of a great employee. Great employees + great atmosphere (work environment) = A Great Business.

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1a: a regular remunerative position

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At the same time, I think that employees sometimes forget, that they are the “face” of the organization that they work for. It doesn’t matter if they are behind a desk, or on the other side of the phone or counter, they are the person and actual human being, that is providing a service. They can often be the only connection that a client or customer has with the company. It is therefore crucial that each staff member is able to deliver the proper message. Not just once, but on a continual basis. This is what I would add to Haley’s thoughts on future employees:

Employees must have the ability and the reliability to deliver our business message consistently, day in, and day out.

And yes, absolutely, we must support our staff via training and even benefits. We must be consistent and open with our communication at all times. But we must also hold our staff accountable: Their attitudes of being present and engaged, knowing that they have a vested interest in the company, is what will help drive our business. Therefore, our philosophy and protocols must be embraced by our staff. Haley and I will need to set these examples and values while conducting business each and every day.

I do sincerely believe that employees easily can make or break a business. While the product may be outstanding or the business an industry breakthrough, the employees or staff will be the determining factor in its success. If they do not buy into the product and the culture, or are unable to capture the spirit and relay that to customers, something is wrong. It’s then probably time to search for those people that are able to embrace the enterprise and then continue to forge ahead.

While we’re on the topic of interviewing potential candidates for a position with A Simple Cookie / Stop and Chat With Us, I have a few questions:

  • How would you, as an employee of A Simple Cookie, demonstrate the “we” culture versus “me”? (“We” being A Simple Cookie, and “Me” is you, the applicant.)
  • What do you expect to gain from your employment with A Simple Cookie?
  • What do you know about A Simple Cookie?
  • What value would you bring to A Simple Cookie?
  • Why do you believe that you would be a good fit for our organization?

I’m sure that I can think of some more, but I will stop for now. Besides, we’d really love to hear some feedback and perhaps thoughts on what drives you, personally, to apply for a position with one company over another?