In Conversation: Business Plan Consolidated

As promised, we brought our two business plan ideas together to make one single plan of action for the next six months. Originally this was going to be a “forever” plan, but we just don’t see that as feasible or even smart. So we are going to update this again in six months to see what worked, what didn’t work, and if we are still wanting our business to be going in the same direction. We hope you enjoy – and as always, comments are welcomed!

Vision Statement: ( what our business will look like in 2-5 years)

Within the next ____ years, grow A Simple Cookie into a successful $____     local, regional, national, international _________ (type of company) providing or specializing in (describe products or services) _________________ to (target market description  ______________________________

Within the next six months, grow A Simple Cookie into a successful local business with profits of over $2000 per month that provides a feeling of comfort with simple ingredients perfect for people from ranging from those simply missing home to those who want a special gift for their client or family member.

Mission Statement:  (Why this business exists from the point of view of our customer)

What do our customers want from us?

A Simple Cookie is a local, small batch bakery specializing in old-fashioned baked goods like our grandmothers used to make. We provide that feeling of home, comfort, and nostalgia through our tried and true faves as well as seasonal treats using locally sourced ingredients.

In the future we want to follow the ideas behind Fair Trade foods and practices and create a platform for ways to advocate and educate others so they will not only see the need for these ideas but also to incorporate these practices in their own lives.

Describe why our business exists in 8 words or less.

Example:  Allstate Insurance mission statement:  You’re in good hands with Allstate

We make simple, good.

Objectives:  these are measurable results.  What results do we need? List 5-9 goals that our business must achieve to be successful.  Such as:

  1. Increase sales from 2017’s $11,000  to 2018 $25,000
  2. Establish online presence by instituting weekly blog posts on our blog  
    1. One collaboration per week
    2. One personal per week per person
  3. Establish online presence for our commercial website
    1. 10% more traffic per month
    2. Newsletter sign ups: 10% more each month of those who sign up for our newsletter
  4. Establish online presence through our social media
    1. Facebook: Currently we have 116 page likes, we would like to increase this to 250 by January 2019
    2. Twitter: learn how to create popular posts and getting more followers
    3. Instagram: Currently we have 247 followers, we would like to increase this to 500 by January 2019.
  5. Establish local retail accounts
    1. Contact 1 new per week (either by cold emailing, cold calling, or walking in)
    2. Follow up within the week
    3. Create a list of local retail accounts to target, set the dates of when to walk in/contact and execute the plan

Strategies:  defines how our business will be built and managed.  Describe 5-8 things that our business must do well over time to be successful.

Our business model is a partnership, we are currently working on the feasible split of responsibilities and duties of each partner.

    1. Positioning:  Generate revenues by farmers’ markets, online, and wholesale / retail sales
      1. Increasing our online presence and creating a template for cold calling/emailing local potential retail (bulk)  buyers



    1. Revenue model:  Creating multiple income streams:
      1. Website
      2. Farmers’ Markets
      3. Social Media
      4. Local Retail Bulk Sales 
    2. Markets / customers:  Focus on retirement community, university students, local commercial companies, and people who are too busy to bake gifts for their friends and families
    3. Promote products by blogging our story and creating a connection with our followers through social media and our website
    4. Client / customer retention:  how? Keep them in the conversation. Email through website; reminders for special events and holidays – upcoming market events as well as regular market presence.
      1. Reply to posts
      2. Like their posts
      3. Ask questions

Action Plans:  What are the 6-8 projects that we must  complete this year?

  1. Complete (project name): Social Media Plan of attack – calendar for three platforms
  2. Roll out (project name):  Website / AZ ordering online /
  3. Implement (project name):  UA Care Packages and  a workable blogging and social media posting schedule
  4. Create (project name):  Breakfast Cookie
  5. Establish (project name):  Marketing campaign for businesses:  staff/client appreciation, and marketing program for wholesale/retail establishments
  6. Install (project name):  Email campaign for previous customers/clients from square or website generation.