In Conversation: Our Social Media Plan

Mom/Laurie:  For A Simple Cookie, I believe that we have decided different paths for each of the mediums that we use regularly.  Our Instagram feed has focused primarily on pictures of product as well as using the “story” feature – especially getting ready for a market.  We try and follow and comment on others that we enjoy viewing and that have similar avenues. Learning about the #hashtags has been interesting and then trying to keep them straight between FB and Twitter has also been a learning experience!

Daughter/ Haley: We started out only on Facebook, but it seems that it has not been as responsive as we had originally thought it would be. Even though it is good to use as a messenger option, the demographic for Facebook is so different from the others that it has become mostly only as our “Events” page.

Laurie:  Yes, I think we thought we could get a lot of followers on FB, and we have a few – and also a few that message through FB, but Instagram is by far more responsive.  Keeping Facebook updated a couple times a week has been okay; making sure that we have our events current and then a post generally leading up to the event is about all we feel we need to do right now.  I haven’t really felt the need to get into selling on FB; I definitely have mixed feelings about that. Although, with that being said, we do have two other businesses that we message with through Facebook.  It’s definitely needed, but I believe that the platform has changed so much and we’re kind of in a holding pattern with it.

Haley: I think our biggest hurdle is figuring out our goals for each medium of social media. We have all these different outlets, and we put so much time into thinking about which audience is with which type that we end up sometimes confusing them and then, overthinking everything. We are trying to figure out how to have the best reach while at the same time not be that annoying over-posting company that is begging for attention. We want to have quality posts and use our posts efficiently.

Laurie:  Exactly. I also tend to get excited and want to post… especially on Instagram, but realizing that for us, I think simple is best, but with a message – not necessarily a “sell” message, but more about educating our audience about what we do.  I think we’ve begun to have some success there and it is definitely the time for Instagram. There really isn’t any rhyme or reason sometimes as to who “likes” your posts, or wants to follow us, but it also can be addicting. Facebook, is still somewhat of an anomaly.  It’s definitely a work in progress and will be for awhile. Twitter as well.

Haley: I think we are both planners. And that is what is tripping us up on our dream of being a “spontaneous poster”. We like to know exactly how, why and when we are going to use each. But then when we get more responses from a random post it throws us into a bit of a loop, re-thinking and re-planning. Well, I mean that is just in my case at least- I don’t want to speak for you, Mom 🙂

Laurie:  Really? Since when?  Just kidding, Haley. I’m definitely in the same place.  When I post late at night and suddenly I get a lot of response, it’s like fuel for the fire!  But seriously, with Instagram, we are going in the right direction, I believe. With Twitter, I am trying to be more spontaneous.  My ideal, although I think it overlaps with this blog somewhat, would be for Twitter to be in real-time; what we’re doing and really converse with our audience.  We’re on the way to market, or there’s a special event or even a cause that we’re supporting so we would like to get that message out.

Haley: So currently, we don’t know what we are doing.

Laurie:  Yes, well stated.  It’s kind of like the blind leading the blind, but at least we’ve made the start.  We will be experts when we’ve made the big time, and then at that point, we’ll laugh and smile and say that it was all pretty simple  🙂

Haley: Exactly, and like you’ve said to me so many times- it is all part of the process. You just have to start!