In Conversation: Where do we go from here?

Hello Cookie Lovers!

We are so sorry for the unexpected hiatus that we have taken from our blogging over the past couple of months. We’ve been doing some organizing and re-grouping and we thought that we should share what we’ve been discussing.

It is so easy to lose track of our long-run goals because the day-to-day workings get overwhelming. Today we have a (very) short post about what our future coffee shop will look like, but we really want to hear from you- please post your comments below!

Haley/Daughter: Our game plan for the long run is to open a coffee shop with a vibe that is a cross between Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls and a coffee shop that is all about being a place for great conversation and company.

Laurie/Mom: I would like it to be a place that people feel comfortable enough to come every day.  A place that makes people feel welcome and definitely without the “status symbol” vibe. Real mugs for coffee and staff (you and me daughter-dear!) that know our customers by their name.  

Daughter: Yes! Exactly! I have the Cheers song playing through my mind “Where everybody knows your name!” I am really picky about my coffee shops, I always want the right balance between comfy chairs, room for studying, but also space for just sitting and meeting with friends to catch up. Oh…. and don’t forget the delicious smell of freshly-baked cookies made from scratch.

Mom: Now that song will be playing in my mind all night… and we’ll have our own postal employee regular  🙂 But seriously, we are in the collection/planning stage now and actively putting together our ideas as well as things that we see that we like:  ideas that come to us that we want to incorporate we will post here and it should be interesting to see how things evolve.

Daughter: Now we turn the conversation to our readers! Here are some things we would love to know about you:

  1. What kind of atmosphere do you like for your coffee shops?
  2. Why do you go back to the same one every time? Close to work? Great coffee? Great customer service?
  3. What is missing from your favorite coffee shop?


We would love to hear all your answers so please comment below!