Local Shoutout: Rincon Market.

In our Local Shoutout series, we showcase one local business every month in the Tucson area. Our goal is to help support the local small businesses in our city. For our first Local Shoutout, we want to put some more limelight on Rincon Market. 

Their location

They are located on the corner of Tucson and 6th Street,  just a few blocks away from the University of Arizona Wildcat Stadium at 2513 E 6th Street.  Their building shares the block with a jewelry store and a bar, Bob Dobbs, on the corner. They also are right behind a bike share parking station, which makes them a bit easier to locate. Across the street, you will find PJ Subs, Wax Werks, and Seven Cups Fine Teas. 

There is parking on the street in front, but it is usually full. The best bet is to try the parking lot to the East of the building, on the side of the jewelry store.  It’s a bit cramped getting in and out of the parking lot, but always plenty of places. 

Their Social Media and contact information

Rincon Market’s website has its menus, beers and wines they have on tap, their events, and great photos of some of their food. 

Phone: 520-327-6653

Hours: 7 am- 9 pm daily 

Twitter: @RinconMarket

Instagram: @rinconxmarket

Facebook: @RinconMarket

Who are they?

“Rincon market is a family-owned business in the heart of Tucson near downtown and the University of Arizona. Since 1926.”

On July 2, 2013, a fire broke out in the deli ceiling of Rincon Market. The market was forced to close from the extensive water and smoke damage left behind. About 10 months later, and a $750,000 restoration project, the market re-opened in April of 2014.

The original market was built in 1926 and has only had three owners. The current owners are Ron and Kelly Abbott, who focus on stocking their market with ingredients and products from other local venders. While they might not have the cheaper brands that chains have, they still strive to make competitive prices for products you just can’t find elsewhere.

What can you expect?

There are two sides Rincon Market, the fresh food and cafe side, and then the actual market of packaged food. They have a buffet aisle for all their hot food, a deli for hand-prepared sandwiches and meats, a bar in the back corner and then their cashier in the very middle has assortments of fresh pastries with coffee and a soda machine.  


During the day, which is when we have always visited, the cafe side is busy but now loud. The interior decorating and the actual structure of the building allow for great acoustics. The noise level never gets too loud, but it’s also nothing close to a library. It’s a really nice mix of socializing and getting work done. To be honest, the ambiance like this is exactly what I’m looking for in a cafe. A place that is not too quiet, but also isn’t overstimulating with music, loud individuals or really loud cafe sounds in general. 


To be honest, one of the reasons we keep going back to this market is because of the employees. After the second time going we were recognized. After the SECOND time! It is unbelievable how friendly and genuine they are. They are such a busy place, but still, have time to really connect with their customers. Sometimes it’s hard to find that in a city like Tucson. But when you do, you definitely remember it. 

How did we find Rincon Market?

Every Wednesday we were setting up our tent at the University of Arizona for Food ‘N Root’s market. After the market, we would have just enough time to grab something to eat and debrief before I needed to be at work. Since we are all about supporting local businesses, we always look for somewhere we can go that would help the community of small businesses around us. We had always heard about Rincon Market and since it is so close to where we set up for the market we decided to give it a try. 

A huge sandwich stacked high with turkey and veggies on rye bread.
Our weekly sandwich, chips, and pastry for lunch.

It only took one lunch and then we were hooked. We became regulars after that.  

What is our favorite thing about Rincon Market? 

We have only visited them during the day, so we can’t comment on their social calendar events (even though you can see it is very busy) but we just love the comfortable atmosphere of the market and the genuinely nice staff. The sandwiches we ordered ever week are huge and the pastries are always fresh and delicious. 

I have to say, my mom and I are pretty picky about our food. Not in a bad way, or a negative, condescending way. It’s just that we know what we like, and if something isn’t matching up to that, we would rather find something that is. Rincon Market is exactly what we love. Their support for local businesses in their market, their fresh (HUGE) sandwiches, their lovely staff, and just overall great atmosphere make this place a favorite in our books.