9 Personal 2019 Goals for Mom

I’m not really a resolution type of person, so writing down nine personal goals for the New Year 2019 is a bit of a stretch!  Sure, I say that I am going to do this, not that, and perhaps something else, but I rarely hold myself to that measure.  I’m not sure that it is procrastination or just that I need concrete accountability. Putting goals down on paper doesn’t really ever do it for me.  I do reach some of my goals, and why I’m not sure when I cannot attain others.  Even-though my inner-self can be pretty tough and demanding – but not necessarily brutal enough to make me stick to some goals, I’m wondering what would happen if I actually put it down in this blogosphere.  Perhaps it’s time to give it a try.

 9 Personal Goals for Mom; New Year 2019

  •  Family and Friends – just a given.  Seriously.   John Wooden said that “friendship is an art”.  I believe that, yet I am so totally remiss in keeping up with my friends.  It isn’t that I don’t want to, but I have always felt that I am taking their time.  After all, why would they want to do something with me, or heaven forbid, actually remember who I am?  I’m not the kind of person that has loads of friends (duh, go back to the first part of this paragraph), yet those that I have are generally ones that will tolerate my lack of communication over the years.  All in all, it’s my fault for failing to treat the friendship for what it really means to me; completely special and something to be cherished.   Now the family is somewhat the same only perhaps reverse!  I speak my mind way too often and without a filter.  Not always a good thing.  I care so much about those that I love and it gets in the way of tactfully expressing my feelings or thoughts.  It is a well-known fact that your relationship with your family is both rewarding and extraordinarily challenging, to say the least.  For me, the emotion runs so deep that I say things before thinking because there is a comfort level that we rarely find with friends.  That comfort level allows me to be completely open and transparent, which does, at many times, get in me in trouble!  I think with my friends, I put up a wall and therefore keep so much inside of me that the friendship won’t really blossom – or only on rare occasion.  Lots to work on here!


  •  Journaling – This is going to be a toughy – but my kids will be happy as it should get me off their backs 😉  I’ve never really liked to physically write down my thoughts, or ideas, but when life becomes a little tough or hard to navigate, this would definitely be a good avenue to take. It’s probably more like allowing myself the time!   I know that I have other things on my to-do list, and those “things” should take precedence.  After all, aren’t they more important?  (That should actually be another Goal; get over the fact that it’s definitely okay for “me” time.  Circle back to the number one goal.)  I’m not exactly the Queen of England so I’m sure that I have the time!  Just do it; Journal, and make time for Friends. 
    Journal books and pen at the ready on nightstand.

    “Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.” – Robin S. Sharma


  •  Adopt a dog.  Better than journaling.  Yes, definitely better than journaling.  Who can resist a companion that wiggles when you come home and thinks that you are the best thing next to eating?  Oh yes, that’s true, I will provide the food!  Haley says that I need a dog to run with.  I do,  or just to continue on the lines of self-help and growth.  I can talk to a dog!  He will listen and not judge (?), plus he won’t call me names.  He can look at me in funny ways, talk (bark) back and it won’t matter.  Sounds pretty perfect to me.


  •  Credit card debt – it’s going to be gone.   My own fault and it’s more of a case in just saying no.  Debt is definitely stress, but it is avoidable and conquerable.


  •  French fluency.  I’m not sure what else I can say here.  Allez!  Travel is a hobby and I should embrace it and enjoy the freedom.  Having the knowledge and ability to converse in at least one other language should be a goal for everyone.

  •  Volunteer – Something else that is good for the soul and for others.  I need to get back in the game; either our local humane society/rescue or horse rescue.


  •  My Dad’s story.  This has been on my “to do” list for way too long.  I’ve talked about it, now I just need to start putting the stories down on paper.  Set a regular plan and little by little it will be in place.  Ideally, the kids will contribute as well.  My goal is to have their perspectives because they have had different experiences and conversations with Dad about his Air Force career and Mom too.  My uncles have put down an amazing compilation of the Ratledge family tree; Mom has been working on the Puckett side.  There is so much there and it’s such an amazing thing to read and learn from.  Family reunions are wonderful too but not always possible.  We had a Ratledge Family Reunion last summer, and Haley and Brad were able to come.  Hopefully, next year, all three, including spouses! will be able to attend.


  • Picture of Our Ratledge Family Reunion 2017, Mocksville NC

     Our Ratledge Family Reunion 2017, Mocksville NC. Me, Haley, and Mazdak are in the top left corner and Brad is in the bottom left corner. 


  •   Keep running.  Clears the mind and emotionally energizing.  A  four-pawed companion would be fun and nice to have.  (See my goal number above.)


  •   Read a book a month.  This has been a long-time goal.  I have so many wonderful books that are sitting on my nightstand just waiting.  I try to read before going to bed, but then I fall asleep.  Then have to start all over the next night trying to remember where I left off.  Just do it.

Done.  Not any particular order because they all are important.  I’m also probably leaving out something, but perhaps I should stop while I am (hopefully) ahead of the game!

I have found some interesting articles about procrastination and the different kinds at  Procrastination Research Group.  While they do talk about practical tips for goal success, such as taking small steps, and not to hesitate to ask a friend or a family member for encouragement or accountability, the science behind why we put things off is very interesting! A good read.

Well, it’s actually time to publish this post.  Happy New Year 2019 and we’ll see how well I do and what I accomplish!