Our Start-Up Business Model

A Simple Cookie (ASC) is an Arizona, home-based kitchen, with a somewhat limited range of prepared baked goods that we sell at local farmers’ markets, special events, wholesale to businesses and special orders for individuals.  At this time, we are confined to sell within the state of Arizona, which is one of the parameters of being an Arizona cottage industry business model.   Arizona is not completely unique in allowing, and /or promoting food sales through cottage industries .

In order to function as this type of entity in Arizona, we are registered under the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and their Home Baked and Confectionery Goods program.  Under this program, we are limited to baking, packaging and selling items that are on the state’s approved list.  Furthermore, as a home-baker, we must label all ingredients on our items, as well as noting that we are a home-based kitchen.  We must include our business contact information at all times on these labels. 

Arizona Home Baked Registration Certificate

While not required under this Home Baked and Confectionery Goods program, we do have a Food Handlers Permit (Food Sanitation Certificate) through the Pima County, Arizona, Consumer Health & Food Safety.

Pima County, Arizona, Food Handlers Permit

Our other current business related items for Arizona include the following licenses:

Arizona Trade Name Certification

Arizona Certificate of Trademark

2018 City of Tucson Business License

2018 AZ Transaction Privilege Tax License

Last but certainly not least, is our Liability Insurance.  Each market or event/venue that we sell at, we will have a rider/endorsement for that entity.  This is one of our past markets:

Liability Insurance- Event Endorsement

On a side note:  some valuable resources that we have found for starting a business in Arizona, are through the State of Arizona.  The site shows and helps you navigate all of the licensing and related taxing authorities within the State of Arizona.  More of the same, plus some, can be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue website.

Also, the Arizona Commerce Authority has a Small Business Checklist to really help you navigate the process; whether you are starting fresh or are already in business.  You can even sign-up for seminars and workshops that relate directly to doing business in Arizona.

The future plans for our little cookie business will be to eventually move to a commercial kitchen and get our light manufacturing license.  This license would then allow us to move out of the cottage industry and therefore, have the ability to bake a wider variety of items as well as selling across state lines.  It would also allow us to possibly enter into the realm of food trucks!  A real coffeeshop down the road….  The only drawback might possibly be that it will be hard to preserve our original small batch bakery feel within the commercial environment.  That will have to be decided later.  More to come….