Preliminary Coffee Equipment Supply List

We are ready to get real about opening our shop. In order to do that, we need to be realistic about the scope of a shop we can afford, and that includes the interior as well as the shop itself. As Mom wrote about in her blog, Future Coffee Shop- It’s about time! Over the next couple of months, we are going to take a deep dive into the expenses of opening a coffee/bakery shop. 

Since I drink way too much coffee as it is, I volunteered to look up the items needed to start a coffee equipment supply list for opening up a coffee bar within our cafe. Now, bear in mind, we are going for basics to get started. For each section, I’ll give why we need it, and a high-priced versus lower-priced option. 

While this post will mainly be an overview, in the future I will go over each section more in-depth and show what are the selling points of each, and what to look for when buying each piece of equipment. 

Note: None of the links below are affiliate links. 

Drip Coffee (aka the regular coffee) 

According to Shopkeep, 30% of our coffee business will be based solely on drip coffee. They recommend three to four industrial-sized coffee makers so that we aren’t brewing coffee all day, but that there is enough variety to keep customers happy. 

To be honest, we will probably focus on this aspect of coffee, as our other expenditures will most likely leave less room for the more expensive espresso machinery and equipment. They will come eventually. 

Recently I’ve been getting into some unique coffee beans from around the world (check out my article on it here: For the Love of Coffee) and I think that this might be a creative way to get around the necessity of needing an espresso machine at the get-go. 

Plus, the money we save on indulging in an espresso machine, we could invest in fair-trade, good quality coffee beans from around the world. This could be a marketing point for us in the beginning and then expand later. 

The Pricy: The Bunn 37600.00 BreWise ICB-TWIN

Bunn 37600.0002 BrewWISE ICB-TWIN Dual Infusion Series Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer - 120/208V
Bunn 37600.0002 BrewWISE ICB-TWIN Dual Infusion Series Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer – 120/208V

This bad boy can brew up to 17.5 gallons an hour. Maybe a little bit over what we need in the beginning, but it is equipped to brew two different blends at the same time. The price? Around $14K. This does not come with an additional hot water spout, however. 

The Less Pricy: Bloomfield 8572D3F Koffee King 3 Warmer Right Stepped Automatic Coffee Brewer – 120V

Bloomfield 8572D3F Koffee King 3 Warmer Right Stepped Automatic Coffee Brewer - 120V
Bloomfield 8572D3F Koffee King 3 Warmer Right Stepped Automatic Coffee Brewer – 120V

This one is a completely different approach. It has only one brew point and brews substantially less than the previous option. However, it comes with three warming plates that allow you to keep a previously brewed coffee blend warm. This might be the right option for us in the beginning, especially since the price is in the range of $6K. This one also has a hot water spout to use for hot teas, cocoas, et cetera. 

Coffee Grinder 

I’m terrible. I usually buy my coffee already ground. Any true coffee lover would cringe when I say that. The freshest coffee comes straight from the bean. You should grind it yourself, or at least that is what I’ve always been told. 

I did, however, invest in a coffee grinder recently. It’s just a small, compact coffee grinder for home. I feel like I’m adulting? 

Anyway, since we are most likely going the route of just the drip coffee machine first, we need to make sure that we have quality beans. If we do that, we need a great grinder that will do the job for us. 

Pricy option: Grindmaster 810S Black ETL Slimline 1.5 lb. Coffee Grinder – 115V

Grindmaster 810S Black ETL Slimline 1.5 lb. Coffee Grinder - 115V
Grindmaster 810S Black ETL Slimline 1.5 lb. Coffee Grinder – 115V

5 Grind types, and suitable for low to medium producing stores. What is crazy is that it’s only 7 inches wide. So it’s perfect for a place that is low on space. This has the capacity of a whopping 1.5 pounds of coffee beans. Goes for around $900. 

Less Pricy option: Breveille Spart Grinder Pro 

Breville's the Smart Grinder™ Pro
Breville’s the Smart Grinder™ Pro

This grinder has 60 settings and is used for both drip coffee and espresso. 180z coffee bean capacity and is 8.5 inches wide.  It goes for around $200. 

Cups, Lids, Straws, and Sleeves 

I almost forgot about actually serving the coffee! This will definitely be dependent on our customer flow, and traffic in the store. However, it is better to have too many than to not have enough on opening day. 

It was also an idea that we had to have a coffee mug wall. When we get settled and have regulars we would like to have people bring in mugs, or use mugs that we provide that have some character. Then we can display them on the wall next to their name so they can come in and use them. This is the cheaper option, as well as it’s much better for the environment. 

Until then, this is what we were thinking. 

Pricier option:  the EcoChoice 10 oz. Kraft Compostable cups

They come in packs of 1000 and are around $60 when you buy three or more boxes. They come in sizes from 4 oz to 20 oz. Since we are not doing espresso drinks yet, I think the best idea is to stick to 10 oz and 20 oz, or even simpler, just the 10 oz cup. 

What I like about these most is that they are compostable and biodegradable. They are not just going to sit in a landfill for the rest of the world’s history after they are used. 

Less Pricier Option: Choice 10 oz White Poly Paper Hot Cups

These also come in sizes from 4 oz to 20 oz, and they come in packs of 1000 for about $30 a case. This is definitely the cheaper option, and they are a solid white, which we can create a wet stamp to put on them to customize them. 

Coffee Sleeves

There are fewer options when it comes to coffee sleeves, but one that we found that isn’t too pricy is the EcoChoice 10-20 oz. Kraft Coffee Sleeve. It comes in boxes of 1200 for around $50 per box. I’m not going to worry about looking for a coffee sleeve dispenser yet, I think we can find a creative solution for that right now in the beginning. 

Coffee Lids

Coffee lids, like sleeves and stirs, are the items that very few people really think about. The best bet for the above coffee cup choices is the Choice 10 to 20 oz. Black Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid. They come in cases of 1000 and sell for around $25 a box. 

Coffee Stir Straws 

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I almost forgot to include these. I drink my coffee black, so I really don’t need to ever stir it. But, I’m in the minority. Without this, I think a lot of problems could come up.

Pricier Option: If we wanted to go the more eco-friendly route, we would definitely choose the EcoChoice 5 ½” Black Unwrapped Paper Sip Straws. They have 2500 in each case and go for around $40 a case. 

Less Pricy Option: Choice 5” Black Unwrapped Coffee Stirrer. There is nothing special about these, but they get the job done. 10,000 in a pack for about $9 a case. 

Sugar, Milk, and Coffee Creamer

For sugar, the Regal Food brand sells a box of 2000 packets for around $9 a case. There isn’t too much price variance when it comes to packets of sugar, so I didn’t include a pricier and less pricey option.

Regal Food also provides a sugar substitute, no-calorie sweetener for about $16 per case of 2000 packets.

In the end, we wanted to calculate the proposed cost of going with all the pricer items, or all the less-pricey items. The figures below are if we were to only buy one package of each of stock items (coffee lids, cups, etc.) and this does not include the actual coffee beans.

If we were to go with the pricier items on our coffee equipment supply list, we would be spending about: $15,100.

If we were to go with the less-pricier items coffee equipment supply list, we would be spending about: $6,339.

That’s quite a difference in price. But we are still in the preliminary stages of building our coffee equipment supply list and even a space to open up shop. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!