Summertime Markets / Out with the old and the new?

Antique Fair, July 7, 2019

at Medella Vina Ranch, Tucson Arizona

It’s time for summertime markets (meaning hot – 100deg+) in the desert, and the antique fair today was a perfect example; out with old and maybe the new as well.  More vendors than I expected, but a lower energy level and far fewer customers.  It was also a holiday weekend; the Fourth of July was just Thursday past, so that makes a long weekend for most.  If you’re not a snowbird, you’re going to just try and get out of town when you can!

Sales were pretty slim but it’s always good to be at the market.  I saw some of our regular customers and love continuing to build those relationships.   I talk a little more – just a slower pace than normal – and today learned something new!   One couple, I could have sworn that they had been married many years, have only been together for 13.  Each is a widow/widower and has children and grandchildren with their first spouse.  Yet they found each other later in life and share it together now.   Some neighbors came by as well; Kathy and Mary Jane, minus Laurie, who always take turns buying treats for each other to munch while shopping.  Missed seeing Cynthia and Jim – hope all is well with those two.

Dad arrived about 8:30 – he doesn’t normally set-up during July and August but will meet clients here if need be – checked out a few of our neighbor vendors and then relaxed a little bit.  Pretty quiet even for the summer! 

Picture of Dad, or better known as Bob of Bob's Clocks, and Laurie, his daughter and Mom to Haley.
Dad, or better known as Bob of Bob’s Clocks, and Laurie, his daughter and Mom to Haley.

I then asked him to tell me more about why he wasn’t going to be out at The Pima Air and Space Museum on Monday.  I couldn’t believe that my Dad, a committed 20+ year volunteer, was not going to be doing what he so loved because of the museum’s requirement for a liability release, and the fact that they felt that “the tours would be more professional once we get rid of these old guys and their war stories”.   My heart has now sunk, my belief in the goodness of people/business once again shattered, and I’m in a quandary as to the next step, and if I should take one.  Of course, Dad doesn’t want to cause any repercussions, as is related in this story link below, but I ask what is truly happening in our world?  Maybe that sounds corny but come on people, wake up and smell the coffee.

It’s funny how things come full circle, and you don’t realize it until you’re there.  I may not (probably next to never) agree on politics and every other issue that normal children will rebel against with their parents.  Then the same goes with my own children; I refuse to tether myself to tech 24/7 and feel that if you cannot pick up the phone and actually converse, something is definitely wrong with how I raised you!

Yet with generational issues or differences, I would like to think that we can come to appreciate more the value of “civil discourse” and realize that everyone is definitely entitled to each other’s own point of view and can have the freedom to live their life as they please.  Each also has the opportunity to share with the other their learned wisdom, or just the newness of the current inventions/ gadgets, etc. while allowing the other to accept or just enjoy as they see fit. It certainly doesn’t mean that either is the “only” way, but perhaps just a different take on a current trend.  Remember the corded phone attached to the wall in the kitchen?  Now we have smartphones, Amazon, satellite TV, Alexa – all things tech – Millenials! 

I totally see the new coming and the advantages for many (yet I also remember when my oldest son had his first cell phone and we bought the time allowance in minute increments)!  Progress can definitely be good but I still believe that there are things that should either be adapted gently or just maintained.  Sometimes, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. 

I suppose really what I’m getting at, in a very long-winded manner, is that if we forget the past, we’re likely to reinvent it in another way, and not always for the better.  We as children, parents, and grandparents need to remember to value each other yet maintain and cherish our history and all that we’ve learned.  Just because some may speak a little louder, move a little slower, use a flip phone, or perhaps reminiscence a little more than others doesn’t mean that they should be discounted or thrown out as “old”.  Same for vice versa.

This all really does relate back to business, and I feel ours in particular. We value our existing customers and are actively courting new. We use our Grandmothers recipes! We may occasionally adapt for ingredients, but we will always note this “new” version of a classic. We truly value what we’ve been given and will always draw upon their wisdom for this business and life in general; sometimes as input and sometimes as a creed. Thankfully, my Dad and Mom, and Haley’s Grandparents respect this as we do wholeheartedly respect them.

Now, perhaps, take a moment and stop, look around, and above all else, truly listen.  If you cannot accept the person that you’re talking to, please have the decency to respect and experience something outside of your own personal self.  Everyone has a story to be told, right or wrong, and hopefully, that has or will include a life well-lived.  Remember the old adage “ you can’t see the forest for the trees”?  If you don’t or haven’t heard it, perhaps it’s time to Google it.