What can Covid-19 do for the U.S. Public Education System?

What can Covid-19 do for our U.S. Public Education System? A stupid question you might say. Yet, in my opinion, the shortfalls that we have witnessed for years, and now highlighted even more so with this pandemic, will have rattled this country so badly that finally, we will have the stomach for serious and fundamental…

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Arizona Restaurants Re-Open under Covid-19 Guidance

Picture of Covid-19 virus

Per Governor Ducey’s May 4, 2020 Covid-19 News conference, dine-in restaurants can re-open on Monday, May 11th while following particular guidelines and restrictions. (See below for updated Pima County Supervisors rules regarding outdoor dining as of 5/13/20.*) While we at A Simple Cookie operate only through our online store, farmers’ markets (very limited at this…

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