Thirty Days of Positivity: Week Three

I mentioned this in my last post in this series, my current job is not my desired career. It is a start, but it isn’t what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. With that being said, staying positive at work can be difficult. Sometimes its a chore just to put on clothes and makeup and get to work. While its fun to have my own pity party right now, I know that there are more people out there than just me that are trying to stick out their job until they can land successfully on their feed in the job that they are really wanting to base their career on. So how do they deal with it?

I researched a few YouTubers and other bloggers to see what their tips and hacks are for creating a positive environment and mindset in a job that you don’t necessarily like. 

Find what you DO enjoy.

One of the most repeated pieces of advice was to make a list of what you do enjoy about your work. Victoria from FemmeHead says to take a few minutes and create a chart of the different aspects that bring you joy at work and what parts of your job really make the most negativity in your job. Then look at that list to see how you can minimize the negative points. Maybe this is a specific coworker that you can’t stand to work with, or maybe it is a certain part of the process at your work that you really don’t like doing it. Analyze this aspect, is there a way to minimize this? Is there a way to not work with that negative coworker as often? Is there a way to find something good about that horrible part of the process? 

Then, as Aaron Doughty recommends,  look at the positive parts of your job. Why do you like those parts so much? Is there a way to expand that part of your job, or to make it a larger part of your job? Say you are working at a pet store. You absolutely love cats and dogs, but you have a fear of snakes. Your favorite part is playing with the adoption cats, but your most hated part of the job is cleaning the snake’s cages. Do you have a coworker that is the opposite of you? Can you switch so that you are dealing more with only cats and dogs, and that coworker is dealing more with snakes? Or can you look at cleaning the snake cages as a way to get less afraid of them?  

Limit the input of negativity.

Another hack or tip is to limit the negativity you surround yourself with at work. Maybe you have a negative coworker, maybe there is a lot of negative news on the radio, maybe there is a lot of gossips every morning at work. Hari from The ThoughtGym, gives good advice on recognizing these negative aspects of your day-to-day life and finding a way to minimize their input to your psychology. He recommends that instead of waking up listening to the news or current events, surround your mornings with inspirational or educational e-books or videos. 

My mom actually does this a lot. She told me that she used to be so depressed when she woke up in the mornings. The first thing she listened to was the news about someone being kidnapped or killed, a country starting a war, or some other devastation in our world. While all of this information is vital for every person to know, it is not vital that we know it the second that we wake up. So instead of starting your day with that, start your day with a podcast on how to build your business or an inspirational video from your favorite public speaker. 

Be the inspiration.

A third tip or hack is to be an inspiration at your work. As Evan Carmichael says, you become your environment. If you surround yourself with negative people and you aren’t careful you will become a replica of that negativity. Instead of being dragged into the daily gossip or to go on tirades about how much you hate your job or supervisor, be that person that brings the positivity to the group. Be the person that turns the negative situation into a chance to learn and to grow.

At first, your coworkers might resent you or say “oh, you are just being optimistic.” but over time, they will drift towards your positive mindset if you continue and if you create enough positive influence to overshadow the negativity. 

My brother always used to tell me, it takes one person to make a person negative, and it takes 10 people, or 10 times of positivity to change that negativity around. The more positive you are at work, the more positive your environment will become. 

You are YOU, not your job.

A fourth tip or hack is to not let your job define you. All too often, we are asked what we do as if a stand-in for our personality. It creates this idea that our name is only slightly more important than what we do. If you don’t enjoy your current job and you are asked this question, you will only re-enforce how much you dislike your current job because people are forcing you to identify with that line of work. However, you don’t need to. You are not your job. You are what you want people to see. Your job is how you make a living, but it doesn’t necessarily represent your hopes, desires, and dreams. Sometimes it doesn’t even represent your true skills, so why would you want to be identified by it?

As Victoria from FemmeHead says, she often gets asked what she does other than working at a restaurant. And she tells people that the restaurant jobs affords her the ability to do what she is truly passionate about, which is her blog. Change your perspective. Change your priority. Show this change and show this priority. 

Additionally, if Aaron Doughty talks about, outgrow your job. Is there something in your job that you can become an expert on? Is there a part of your job that can make you propel you into a better position? Take that and run with it. Make it so you have to be promoted. Make your supervisors see that you are meant to be at a higher level of your job, and you will get there. 

What do you think?

Those are just four tips that I found helpful from my research, and I hope they are helpful to you too. Check out the blogs that I wrote about and linked throughout the post, and tell us what you think! Are you in a job that you don’t necessarily like? How do you get up every day? How do you motivate yourself?