We don’t need to be "The Best"

No, we don’t. And it’s plain and simple, on several accounts. Basically, who really is “the best” at anything? and trying to always be “the best” would be crazy, if not impossible, and utterly exhausting. We just want to be Authentic (yes, the trendy word of the moment), or our real thing.

As we’ve stated in previous blog posts, we’re not vegan, gluten-free, or organic. With these labels, you either are or you’re not. Pretty basic and no grey area. We think that the same goes with our name (and why we chose it), A Simple Cookie; we don’t use fancy or unpronounceable ingredients. We use regular, every day, off the shelf items in recipes that have been handed down from our grandmothers’ home kitchens. Authentic.

“We use regular, everyday, off the shelf items in recipes that have been handed down generation to generation.”

It can be difficult, though, to stay true to this concept of being Authentic, or basically, true to ourselves. We believe that we’ve determined exactly what makes us Authentic, but it can be scary to stick to it when you have so many others battling for the same dollars, market space, or Instagram followers. Heaven forbid when the self-doubt steps in; are we really good enough or should we adjust what we are making so that it might be a better fit with the current trends? How come our cookies don’t look like “their” cookies?

I grew up in a house that believed that we had to keep up with “The Joneses”, or always be better than those people! Everything hinged on appearances. It has since taken me years to shake that entire notion and finally feeling good about me – accepting me for what I am and definitely what I am not! Yet I will still find myself comparing me and what I do with others (the world). Wrong – stop! We are all unique and while we need to feel some sort of acceptance at times, we must grow and mature enough to say, I am good. This is what I am and that’s all.

“It has taken me a long time to finally feel good about being me and not worrying about keeping up with the Joneses”

Well, the same goes for our business, A Simple Cookie. I believe that we’ve come to a point where we believe in ourselves and what we represent. We provide a consistently good product and take great strides and care to protect that product. We may make adjustments along the way where we see fit, either in our business path or product offering, but basically, we are very happy and comfortable with what and who we are.

If you’ve ever scrolled idly through the multitudes of Instagram or FaceBook posts, tweets and snapchat posts, the world is an amazingly perfect, beautiful place, no worries to be had, and always happy faces. You’ll find lots of “the best….” and wonder why and how did they come about that moniker? In my opinion, they’re far away from truly being Authentic. They look great and oh so appetizing! But make no mistake, I have to remind myself, just how many cookies and pictures did they have to make and take before they were able to post that amazing photo. And do all of their products really turn out just like that? everytime???

Social media is great for inspiration (not). Nowhere will you find the everyday, real-life struggles of making a business work; the daily (tough) decisions or the “just get it done” mentality that must exist in order to survive. The real thing. I often wonder why people don’t show how it really is? Are they afraid that someone might not “like” them or unfollow them simply because they told the truth; that life is hard and it’s all about what you make of it? Business is harder; you really cannot hide if you plan on making progress or profitability. The photos may look great, but if your customer never gets what’s in that photo, who is fooling whom?

So, the long and short of it, we are who we are! We love it and know, seriously, we are unpretentious and quite literally, A Simple Cookie.

Come see us or chat with us – we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.