What can Covid-19 do for the U.S. Public Education System?

What can Covid-19 do for our U.S. Public Education System? A stupid question you might say. Yet, in my opinion, the shortfalls that we have witnessed for years, and now highlighted even more so with this pandemic, will have rattled this country so badly that finally, we will have the stomach for serious and fundamental change in this country. If we, as a nation, want all of our youngest generations prepared to be self-sufficient, confident, and successful global citizens, our public education system must do more than evolve. It must change.

I believe, and it’s part of the mission of A Simple Cookie, that a solid public education is paramount for anyone to succeed and thrive. Everyone in this country has the right to be able to read and write and have marketable skills so that they can have a decent job. Education impacts every person, city, and the communities that they live in, as well as our nation as a whole. A U.S. Public Education shouldn’t be dependent upon your stature or supposed place in society. It should be equally available to all regardless of ethnicity or race, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability.  It should also be comprehensive and fair; the same educational opportunities should be available to anyone, anywhere in our country.

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.

Education shouldn’t be a privilege

We have all had to navigate quarantine and now practice social distancing while in public. Some have had the privilege of working from home; some have navigated being frontline workers while others still have lost their jobs entirely. It has truly laid bare the major social and economic pitfalls within our country. Of course, that’s what tragedies and catastrophes will do best. Look no further than our healthcare system. Yet our society also differentiates a person’s ability to go to school by where you live and even by how much money you have at your disposal. Public education should be equal for all, not just for those that can afford it.


What needs changing?

My goal in this blog, as a parent and an ordinary citizen, will be to investigate things that must change within our U.S. Public Education system in order to make it equitable for everyone. It will be interesting to see where this takes me!

I realize that when my children were growing up, we were fortunate to live in areas throughout this country that afforded a great public education. Some could argue that this was simply because of the color of our skin and the fact that their father was able to provide an income that supported us comfortably. Yet, this shouldn’t be a prerequisite for good, basic public education in our country.


Future posts

Therefore, the following will be future topics that I will be exploring, although not necessarily in this order. Some will evolve as I move along in this journey, and many others may be added. Nevertheless, I hope that you will please join the conversation!

Economic disparity in access to Public Education (where you live, education resources available)
What is taught; is it the same everywhere?
Equivalency testing
Primary education
Secondary education
Access to computers/tablets and…
Access to broadband / Wi-fi
Teacher salaries
Teacher competencies
Post-secondary education opportunities



Education is the cornerstone for anyone’s livelihood; it’s the basis for a successful family, community, a city or town, and of course a nation.  We believe, here at A Simple Cookie, that a solid public education shouldn’t have to be fought for or agonized over. It’s truly a right for every citizen of our great nation, regardless of ethnicity or race, gender, religious affiliation, sexuality, or disability. We must make it happen. We will make it happen.