Why are we Simple?

Simple homemade cookies. We make good, simple.

First things first!

We love baking homemade cookies and brownies, along with selling and developing a relationship with our customers, even if it is only for the moment and a single transaction.  Something about real-time, personal interaction with humans, and of course, the non-human, four-pawed kind, is actually pretty special.

Many times though, our conversation will start with what makes us “simple?”

At first it was very easy to explain;  our recipes come from my grandmothers, or my daughter’s great-grandmothers, and are made with regular, humble, everyday ingredients.  They come from a time that didn’t speak artisan, foodie, or epicurean (anywhere outside of Europe).  That’s what makes us “simple.”

Then came the more extensive conversations, and questions as to why aren’t we organic, vegan or gluten free… ?  or perhaps if we could offer these as options, customers would say.

Our response is simply that there are lots of choice for everyone.  Our product is none of the above because we believe that sometimes, simpler is better (granted, dietary issues aside).  We remember the aromas and smells wafting from our families’ kitchens and that sometimes it’s okay to have a homemade cookie warm from the oven.  Just because it won’t make the cover of a magazine, doesn’t mean that the taste won’t be a comforter and put a smile on our face while we feel the love that went into its making.

We truly believe that what we bake is just plain good and simple, and hopefully hearkens back to an easier, less complicated time.  We hope too that you will agree.

Now on to other things…